I am often exhausted at the end of my workday.

As a Digital Marketing specialist at Midinnings, I spend much of the time researching, understanding the client’s concerns, goals and much more. Many of them are complicated and unfamiliar. But my brain works on how to provide them with the best and unique way to boost their success and business goals.

And after the office I am off for some household chores for the family. This often taken its toll on my mind and comes most evening I am like relaxing out with friends over coffee or lying on my bed just scrolling my phone for no reason.

However, in the evenings when I can still mildly function I love to write.

Whether it’s filling out my notebook for a number of thoughts or my daily routine, it’s a task that enables me to concentrate on something other than an intellectual or work-related pursuit while still engaging my brain.


It turns out, the positive and calm feeling of taking out things that are going on in my mind. In today’s hyper-connected digital world, where the expectation to work (either internal or external) constantly plagues our already over-stimulated minds, adding a hobby to our endless to-do list may seem like an impossible feat.

This is proved that hobbies not only enhance productivity at work but also gives a break for routine work. While you are doing something different from your routine work it can lead to better problem-solving solutions by revealing a new approach or an overlooked detail.

Since you are not time-bound for your hobbies to complete and can provide a sense of accomplishment when you’re feeling frustrated on how things are taking a lot of time and you are losing patience on the same.

Research has proved that participation in leisure contributes significantly to physical and mental wellbeing, from reduced blood pressure to a sense of belonging on the other side of health.

So, in these never-ending life responsibilities and never-ending task list-making time for a hobby, and sticking to it can enhance every part of your life, including work.


For those who have discovered their hobbies and thinking about how to manage time out of their busy schedule, all the management gurus say it is a matter of mindset and priorities.

In her book ”I Know How She Does It”, Vanderkam got hundreds of women to log how many hours they worked per day, how much time they spent on leisure and how many hours they spent with their families.

What she found was heartening: we tend to overestimate how much we work, and often count hours wasted scrolling through social media posts as work. This means we actually have a lot more time than we think to dedicate to activities we find enjoyable.

Vanderkam argues that if we think of our time on a weekly basis (in 168-hour blocks, and not 24-hour blocks) and bring awareness to our daily activities, we can take control of our time and not only advance in our careers, enjoy family activities, but also pursue our passions.

If you’re someone who is looking for a hobby but don’t quite know where to start, here are some tips: think back to your childhood and remember what you liked to do. Was it singing? Dancing? Painting? Netball? Reconnect with that childhood passion and if it still brings you a thrill, google some short courses or social teams and sign up.

There are hundreds of hobbies out there, and millions of people searching for something more than just work and Netflix.

Turns out finding one that brings you joy will also be good for your wellbeing.

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