You don’t need to be that serious that procrastination can seriously sabotage your productivity. The longer you let your to-do list pile up, the more you have on your plate and the less you accomplish. It’s a continuous cycle!

Well, it’s not just your work life that is affected by procrastination habits but also it can affect your personal life, mental health, your relationship and your long term goals towards your life.

So, if you feel you are overwhelmed by the habits and unable to live your best life or fulfilling your potential, these following signs can be the culprit in living you to the fullest. Read the following methods to heal you beat these habits, once and for all!


Most of the procrastinators know that they will be able to do tasks at the last moments because they have done it before. You know your worth, but doing it at the last moment can cost you a lot of mental stress. That Adrenaline rush might be helpful for completing that task or work project at the 11th hour but why to carry that unnecessary stress which is affecting your physical and mental health – especially if you care to do it often.

Also, if in case, leaving that tight window to get things done if things go wrong – whatever may be the reason like you got sick or your laptop won’t start up or you are stuck in an emergency or maybe your last minute trips – for you plan to get disturbed or derailed and you miss the deadline. You will be in a state to be under more stress and pressure. Not at all funny!

YOU GET PROJECT FOMO                                                            

Ever got a pang in stomach and mind got confused in a mix of disappointment and yearning? You might get it when you see that someone else is successful today with the idea you had a year back. It’s like you are sitting at home and getting bored alone and regretting your decision to stay at home in your Payjamas and binge-watching NETFLIX series while all your friends are at Fun party and having fun and doing things you like. This is also FOMO, and this is a major symptom of procrastination.

Well in the end, we are going to beat out own record, we will be on our own path; we’re not in competition with anyone else. But the fact of being a perfectionist or being too overwhelm or fear to get started you are always going to be two steps behind where you want to be. Soon, you are going to work on yourself, you are going to take forward steps to have a future proof life. The small but consistent step will help you achieve your goals and sooner you’re going to be able to look back and think “hell yeah, I did that!”


The biggest thief of time is Procrastination. It can also steal your joy in life. They say that time enjoyed wasting isn’t time wasted, and that’s 100% true. But here’s a thing. Most of the people are investing time in the things they deem more fun into (even if that’s just scrolling aimlessly through Instagram!). It’s hard to be present in a moment that what you actually want to do or you feel guilty of doing things. But when you suck it up and just get done what you want to, it allows you to do what you actually want to without feeling a kernel of guilt about it!


Have you heard about the pressure cooker challenge in Master Chef? It is when you leave things at the last minute and make your word more rushed. Often, you cannot give your best shot to the work — compared to if you gave yourself the space to go back and tweak and make it even better.

But if you are a perfectionist and also a procrastinator, this can also work the opposite way. You’re likely always waiting until something is ‘perfect’ until you put it out there. But, the thing is, ‘perfect’ never arrives, so you end up launching — well, nothing at all! In either scenario, you never get to experience the sheer joy of getting a project you’re really proud of our into the world. And that’s a damn shame!

If you identified with any of these, a procrastination habit is likely holding you back from achieving the greatness you were designed for. The good news is, just like any habit, you can unlearn it, and replace it with different, more positive habits. But, it’s tough to do it alone — you need a mix of mindset work, accountability, work strategies and productivity tools to really kick procrastination to the curb for good!

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