Sitting in bed with a mug of coffee, on your laptop, in your PJs, and calling it ‘work’ sounds like a dream come true, right?

Not always! My first piece of advice: don’t sit in bed with your laptop — that will hurt your back later. Secondly, having worked both for my own business and an external company from home (at the same time, for a period of time), here are my 2-cents on what you need to know about working from home.


Tempting dishes prepared by mom or a coffee break or some personal work. Or you need to help your mother in household work; Do laundry or some friend’s calling you to share some bulshits. Before you know it’s already lunchtime. OKAY, it’s really time to buckle down now.

OH that Snapchat or Instagram Notification?? And top the afternoon off with a pointless Skype meeting and you have yourself a day of zero achievements. It’s easier than it sounds to get hopelessly distracted when working from home, as you no longer need to hide your phone and look busy as your boss walks past. You find you have zero discipline when left to your own devices. You end up having to develop a schedule and system to keep yourself accountable. Being your own boss is a lot harder than it sounds because when things go wrong, you only have yourself to blame!


Bosses are the ones who have been through our shoes. you know you can’t get away with doing absolutely zilch the whole week. All the procrastination catches up here.

You start working for longer to make up for it. Your life is surrounded by work now. You go to bed dreaming of spreadsheets chasing you down dark streets. You become a mess. If this is not available to you, try using the task manager to keep on top of tasks (it’s truly wonderful).


A positive side of working from home is comfort. You don’t have to put on makeup dress up in fancy corporate clothes, or wear heels.

The downside is that you can start missing looking pretty and stylish, and even if you do your makeup, there is no one around to appreciate it!


Chances are, you will put on weight. This is clear to all those who have experienced the perils of working from home. Combine the unrestricted access to the fridge with not having to walk anywhere and the reduced likeliness of gymming after work, and you get a fatter you.


No Friday Night Parties, No weekends with Office peeps we use to have, WFH completely removes the possibility of having Lunchroom chats. On the bright side, you never have to be nice to office creep who is helping somehow.  So that’s it.

Working from home comes with its own set of challenges and seems like paradise to begin with. Everything takes to time, to begin with. So Good Luck!

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