Strengthen Your Relationship — In Quarantine and Beyond

No Doubt that COVID 19 is a new obstacle for relationships around the world. Couples are under so much pressure for partners to maintain a healthy level of intimacy either at home or online whether they are quarantining together or apart.

Well, Corona Virus lockdown has slowly begun to lift; there is pressure to regain the pre quarantine romance and normal life. Now this is causing unnecessary strains on relationships.  Here are few tips to strengthen your relationship and keep the flame on in Quarantine and Beyond…

BE VOCAL FOR LOCAL NEEDS                                 

It’s time to speak up for your needs more than ever. Discussing your partner about your needs, expectations, concerns, and problems can strengthen and build a foundation for a more lovable and pleasurable relationship.  In the long run these discussions are extremely important.


Coming back to a routine can be easy now, but this quarantine has limited your options for spending date nights options, which can make things little filthy if you don’t take ant cautions. Use this time to improve your relationship by doing groundwork and working on things that need to improve for a relationship. This can benefit from improving intimacy in your relationship.


For those who are quarantining together can set aside some time to enjoy TV together, dinner or some time on the couch, etc. And for those who are quarantine apart, can have video calls, facetime or a call to reassure that they are missing them or thinking about them.


Although there is no exact time for when life and the world will get back to normal, there should be no reason to adhere to the past. Instead partners should embrace the idea to get back to normal life after this pandemic and prepare to re-enter and get ready for a new connection with a fresh start.

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