In a world of dwindling attention spans, we all have a feeling of fixing things in a short span of time because every moment is productive. It???s enticing when we stumble upon an idea that one thing can offer a life-changing experience.

If you will google for ???the one thing that will change your life??? returns more than 5 billion results ??? a testament that we???re living in an age where we believe that one thing can, indeed, be life-changing.

You???ve seen the headlines: one simple trick to becoming more productive; the one dress that suits all body types; how doing one thing a day will change your life.

I realize that relying on or believing in that ???one thing??? that can change your life results in unhealthy thinking or mindset because one out of two things can happen coincidentally but spending life waiting for that one thing to happen and it never seems to present itself. Or if that one thing happens sooner or later and it doesn???t deliver the satisfactory result or result we are looking for or you expected, you???re left feeling bitterly disappointed.

And I???ve read countless arguments that doing one thing, such as drinking more water or making new friends or waking at 5 am, can certainly help us yet don???t serve as a cure-all.

But I want to challenge this idea because I believe there can be that ???one thing??? that triggers a life-changing moment: an inspiration, an opportunity, a whole new way of seeing things.

Of course, there is no magic fruit for anything, but it???s hard to deny that many of us haven???t experienced that one decision, one action, or one change that has been life-altering.


The one thing that has, without a doubt, changed my life is SHARING. ??Anything I felt like sharing doesn???t matter whether it???s wrong or right with known/ Unknown I don???t care.

Sharing things has not only allowed me to overcome some major life hurdles, but it has also equipped me with the tools and techniques to tackle future life challenges, of which there have been many.

Beyond addressing specific life events or trauma, the Right people have exposed me to new ways of thinking, helped me to recognize unhealthy emotions and thought patterns, and allowed me to reach a level of self-awareness that didn???t exist before.

In my experience, sharing my feelings has been eye-opening and, while it hasn???t always been easy, it has given me the chance to get real with myself.

And this is why I will continue to speak up about the fact that I have sought the help of a few people because once you get beyond the stigma surrounding mental health, a whole new world opens up.


Perhaps it???s my optimism for a brighter future or the notion that we can all strive for improvement that keeps me believing that there can be single, defining moments that change our lives.

I can think of many other examples of single things that have occurred in my life that have put me on a new path: Becoming an Entrepreneur, quitting a job that was making me unhappy, leaving toxic activities.

Each of these ???one thing???s has made a definable and measurable difference to my life, despite the fact that they have been challenging, complex, and not-at-all simple acts.

These solitary decisions, actions, or changes can be different things for different people.

Perhaps it???s the moment you started taking anti-anxiety medication to better cope with the day-to-day, or the day you began leaving your phone in another room while you sleep, or the time you decided to ditch digital devices for a few hours each week to refocus your mind.

When writing this story, I reached out to some friends and asked what were ???one thing??? that changed their lives and I received these responses: ???saying yes to big opportunities before knowing the details???, ???deciding to stay in a long-distance relationship because that person is now my husband???, ???doing a semester abroad in Mexico??? and ???quitting my job and moving abroad???.

These ???one things??? are all proof that change is possible, even if there are hurdles involved.

For me, believing that single acts can produce life-changing results is part of the wonder of life; the little miracles or magic moments that give us profound meaning or clarity.

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